Project Rabbit timeline.

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06.25.05 Project Rabbit has been sold.  It served me well as a winter car for a few years and now has moved to Western MA to be with a hutch of bunnies
  yea!!  got new all season tires and passed inspection!
  Hella rear fog light is mounted on the bumper. Waiting on wiring up to the console.

  four months later I get a reply to my ticket appeal.  And I win!  :-)
02.25.02 ah ha!  correct mixture, short shifting and a long highway drive this weekend yielded 30mpg
02.23.02 rolled 93,000    
02.17.02 blah!  exhaust leak just before the cat.  Time to order up the late model manifold and a new downpipe
02.15.02 had the timing and idle adjusted, motor now sits at a tick under 1,000 rpm.  Mileage should improve I hope
01.29.02 rolled 92,000
  grrr...  still pissing fuel when the temperature changes.  Early morning cold snaps that make way for warm (50F) days seem to trigger the overflow from the filler neck.  Advice is to replace the tank again  :-(
Commuting 300 highway miles per week called for a change. It wasn't just the buzziness of the motor at 70 mph but my gas mileage was.... less than favorable. I waited and waited and finally the Autotech 20% off sale rolled around and I picked up the last .75 5th gear cog they had in stock. The same day I ordered up a shift kit and bushing rebuild from TT to firm up the feel and make a bit less work when selecting gears.
Note the old gear out of the tranny.
The lower 5th has made a major difference. As you can see there is a reduction in rpms at the speed limit.

I'm turning 3100 rpm at 75mph now and I'm right in the torque band for passing without a downshift. I also added some Mobil 1 gear lube to keep things pliable during the cold temps

Yesterday I filled up and calculated a 9 mpg improvement with the .75 compared to the normal gear (went from 20mpg>29mpg) with a majority of this being my commute. I believe this number should be even higher, going to have the timing re-done this week hopefully.

first dyno run with nothing but a K&N.  Not too shabby at all, 92.5 lb/ft @3000 and 78.1hp @ 5500!
11.28.01 best $12 spent thus far?  removing these nasty things and replacing them with poly bushings.  Steering is now nice and crisp

look at this airfilter I pulled out today! UGH!!!!!! K&N is now in it's place
11.14.01 well, the car has been on the road for 2.5 weeks and I'm already an outlaw according to the State
11.13.01 the new shoes for the car are here!  $89/ea
my Rabbit is so HORNY!!!!!! The Hella dual trumpet air horns are in and WHOA!!!!!!!!!! They will get your attention!!!! Driving around in such a small car means you need to be able to alert other drivers to your presence. The red compressor is mounted to the radiator support in the foreground; you can see the trumpets nestled away under the battery tray

I've been driving around just beeping the horn to hear how nice they sound

11.05.01 110401_light.wiring 110401_h4.blackout 110401_sundown
The lighting wiring has been fully sorted out and the tin retainers painted black.
11.03.01 110301_rab.seats 110401_recaros
110401_new.interior2 110401_new.interior 110401_gti.seats
the $300 Recaros have been installed and the interior given a complete cleaning. All the bolts in the trim have been pulled, cleaned, and rebolted down to prevent annoying rattles
11.02.01 102501_fuel.tank 102601_tank.out 102601_tank.shield
Since I've got the donor car too, the leaky gas tank was swapped out. This is the better of the two tanks. Just after the first photo was taken I brushed down the flaking rust and painted over it with Wurth rust inhibiter ($60/can!!). The paint bonds to the metal and kills/seals any existing rust. It had to cure overnight so the process took a little longer than anticipated. All the seams and fitting points were given an extra coat to prevent any problems in the future.
Note the 'new' tank in place with it's brand new shiny heat shield
10.27.01 102201_h4prep4 102201_h4prep1 102201_h4prep5
102201_h4prep6 102201_h4prep2
This week the lighting was addressed. Just gotta have good lights for driving out in the sticks during the winter months. A set of Hella 55/100 H4s w/ city light adapter (also applied stone guard to them). After running the H4s for a week I'm going to make the decision about the FF driving lights, there may be too much light for the wimpy 65a alternator and I don't want to have buy a 90a right now.
test fitting the Hella FF200 driving lights

found the original build sheet under the back seat


the twins sitting in the holding pen
Just made a pretty darn good purchase tonight. '84 GTI with 88k original owner miles for $300. The dealer was going to give the owner $300 and junk it so he wanted someone to take care of it. Has current inspection sticker, clean title and in MINT condition (save the pitted front bumper).

just goes to prove that not every clean Rabbit in the Northwest or SoCal (just most of them)

Today, after 15 years of driving A2's (8V, 1.8 16V and 2.0 16V) I acquired an '84 GTI. It brings back the days of learning to drive on a '82 diesel. Oh no, it doesn't run but soon it will.... and the 16V goes into hibernation for the winter